Title: Boon, the growing sportsboy!
Date: 21-Apr-2004

Boon, who has just turned 12, has been with SHELTER for the last seven years. He has a keen interest in sports. His favourite games include football, basketball, table tennis and badminton.

His ambition varies from being a lawyer, athlete to a professional footballer. “I like being a footballer best,” he says. Since he started school he has always brought home medals for his sporting prowess. When he was in Standard Four, he won five medals, winning the 4 x 100, 4 x 200 relay, 100, 200 metres sprint and also for the long jump event. Last year he clinched medals in the 4 x 100 relay, 100 and 200 metres sprint. This year, he acquired a total of five medals that included a high jump event. To top it all, he was champion athlete for the year of 2004.

“There were times when Boon would stay back in school to practice running with his classmates,” says Audrey John, administrative officer of SHELTER 1.”

SHELTER’s environment has been conducive for him too. Every evening, the children at SHELTER 1 are encouraged to play games in the compound of the Home. Volunteers and staff often joined them in games such as badminton, wrestling, football and basketball.

“I hope to win 30 more medals, maybe even 40,” said Boon.

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