Title: The debut for the dancer, Amanda
Date: 22-Dec-2003

“Shall we do something different for the Christmas party this year? What about a dance?” asked Amanda of SHELTER 1.

Amanda (13 years old) has a keen interest in dance but did not have many opportunities to develop her skills until last December. She choreographed a lively dance number entitled “We like to party” for SHELTER’s Annual Christmas gathering.

“I chose the music and asked Uncle Hong Jin and Aunty Caris for permission to do the dance. Then I thought of the dance steps to match the music,” she says.

Amanda worked the children hard. She would sternly help the children learn their dance steps, over and over. “I cried and wanted to give up quite a few times – some of the children were very playful. But I gave them many chances and kept practicing with them,” Amanda relates.

“I wanted to have matching costumes for the dancers. Aunty Monica sponsored the tee shirts and I wrote the word “V like 2 party” on the front of all the six tee shirts.”

Finally the evening of the “performance” arrived. Much to Amanda’s delight, all the children danced well.

“The SHELTER 1 children danced so well, in fact, their item was the best of all”, said Betty Yeoh of SHELTER office.

What a wonderful debut for Amanda! 

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