Title: Mark, the soon to be chef (GRADUATED! - Dip in Culinary Arts, Flamingo College)
Date: 12-Jun-2015


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After being with us for about 9 years, we are blessed to see Mark* graduating with a Diploma in Culinary Arts.

When Mark was hardly about 10 years old, he was staying with his grandfather. Mark’s mother remarried as her former husband was a gambler and was in huge debts with the loan sharks. She was not able to raise Mark by herself as times were hard for her.  She had no choice but to leave him with his grandfather. When she found out that Mark was doing construction work with his grandfather, she knew that Brandon’s future would not be bright if he continued to live with his grandfather.

She had a very difficult choice to make but she knew that life would be better for Mark; so she sent him to us.

We sent him to school, monitored his grades and hired private tutors to help him with his education. We also sent him for music lessons, arranged a volunteer to teach him how to play the guitar. One of the staff at our Home also constantly advised him and she would often involve him with the cooking when he was in Shelter 3. That is where Mark got interested in cooking and was inspired to be a chef someday.

After passing SPM, we helped him secure a PTPTN loan and helped to top up his monthly allowance as his mother was unable to provide for him.  A staff was assigned to ‘walk with him’ throughout his college years and would visit him monthly to ensure that he was alright in every aspect especially in his studies.

With so many wonderful individuals that came along in his life, from the Home managers, Home staff and volunteers and of course the sponsors, today, Brandon has graduated with a Diploma. Currently, Mark has already started on working in his first job with an established company in the F&B line.

 *the name has been changed to protect his identity

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